The POMERIUM project aims to realize a complex monitoring system for Cultural Heritage (CH) management in order to support Managers in the daily and extraordinary activities and Experts in their decisions.

The system will be based on the added value given by the integration of different technologies: satellite, RPAS, in situ IoT monitoring, image recognition, and advanced modeling. The communication backbone within the different components will beneficiate from the 5G technology, in order to speed up data transmission and to allow traffic of big amounts of data. Geopositioning services will be assured by GNSS Systems.

The above-described interdisciplinary approach will be applied to the test site of Rome, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Smaller AOI within this boundary will represent the test areas for the foreseen scenarios that the project aims to investigate.


Areas of Interest


Each scenario will beneficiate from a common Web platform in order to store, maintain, and analyze different kinds of data. E-GEOS will offer the availability of its AWARE (Agile Watching of Assets and REsources) platform as a unique point of access to the collected information, able to allow easy data research (it integrates the instruments to visualize and analyze interferometric data, raster images, RPAS videos, change detection analysis and so on) and so to enable the User to perform integrated analysis on the context or on single elements of interest. AWARE also allows the user to upload his own alpha-numeric and cartographic data, in order to add value and information contents to the already present dataset.


AWARE Interface


Pomerium is conceived as a unique modular system giving access to a significant collection of relevant data about the investigated CH and to a set of services able to support the Managers’ responsibilities. The allowed users may use the system in order to achieve a better knowledge of the status of the CH to ask for dedicated services (one or more) to satisfy their particular exigence. The main innovation point is the integration of monitoring and prediction technologies that, at present, are available on the market as singular services, without any operational and scientific integration between them. A further important key point is the availability of the last generation cartographic platform AWARE as a unique point of access to Pomerium data and services.