The project Work Plan has been organized through five Work Packages, on an 18 months period.

MOMIT Project Work Breakdown Structure

WP1000 Project Management (led by e-GEOS), whose objectives are: a) to coordinate the activities of the Project Team, in order to ensure the respect of project's goals and timeline; b) to maintain close coordination with Reference Users, from the first User Requirements collection phase to the validation of the project's results; c) to ensure the communication with the Contracting Authority; d) to ensure the timely delivery of all the foreseen project’s deliverables; e) to check the quality of all deliverables before the submission to the Contracting Authority.

WP2000 User Requirements and Scenario definition (led by e-GEOS), whose objectives are: a) to check, collect, and refine User Requirements from Reference Users; to analyze User Requirements as a starting point for the design of project’s solutions; c) to define priorities to be exploited in project’s framework.

WP3000 Service Design and Development (led by e-GEOS), whose objectives are: a) to design the System Architecture; b) to define balancing and security policies and scalability strategies; c) to implement the underlying database; d) to design the User Interfaces; e) to define the test cases, to set up the test environment, to execute the tests, and to assess the test results.

WP4000 Demonstration (led by Emersum), whose objectives are: a) to plan the demonstration activities on-site; b) to elaborate the interferometric analysis on the Objects Of Interest; c) to procure all necessary data for modeling elaboration, to create the DTM/DSM on which base the 3D modeling and, to elaborate 3D Models; d) to plan and execute RPAS-based surveys, and to assess and transmit the acquired data; e) to plan and execute IoT sensors-based surveys, and to assess and transmit the acquired data; f) to implement the different project's scenarios; g) to perform the acquired data validation and interpretation, and to create/refine models based on them.

WP5000 Business Development (led by Arakne), whose objectives are: a) to communicate and disseminate project's outcomes, also by setting up the project website (both public site and private area); b) to define a business model for Pomerium exploitation.